A History of Kingsbridge and Salcombe by Ann Born

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Kingsbridge and Salcombe are ancient settlements in the South Hams, the most southerly part of Britain.  Kingsbridge, a market town first granted a license in 1219 lies on a spur rising above the head of a beautiful branded ria; while Salcombe lies on the west shore a mile from the majestic schist cliffs at the mouth of the estuary.  This book traces the history of both towns from the geological records through to the present day.

This is the most thorough and detailed history of the area, making use of place names to help identify the waves of immigrant settlers, the development of industries, buildings and religions alongside the history of education, communications and social changes; all are woven into this vivid and extremely readable account.  

This is a significant contribution to the published history of Devon and this third edition will be essential reading for anyone who is interested in Devon and its past.