The Journey: the boy who lost everything... and the horses who saved him - Abdul Musa Adam

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Abdul is just 7 years old when his parents are killed before his eyes.

As a brutal war sweeps Sudan, Abdul and his 3-year-old brother are forced to flee.

Their gruelling journey across the Sahara to a refugee camp in Chad is fraught with danger, and every day is a struggle against hunger and disease.

Until one day Abdul is offered a chance to escape. A chance that could save him, but will force him to make the most heartbreaking decision of his life.

Abdul's death-defying flight leaves deep scars. But his affinity with animals provides a lifeline, when he is offered the chance to work with elite racehorses. Including one owned by the Queen.


'What Abdul has gone through is simply unimaginable. But his story shows the incredible power of sport to bring people together and help them to heal, even after the most appalling suffering.' CLARE BALDING

'A lesson to us all in courage and hope' LORD DUBS, who escaped Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport in 1939