The Heron in Isfahan by Caroline Born

£9.99 GBP

In 1973, Caroline Born and her best friend Izzy, fresh from school, set out on the hippie trail. It was a way of life where the journey itself was the goal, a journey taken with minimum possessions and an open heart, living each moment to the full. 

Without realising it, they were joining the vast fluid movement of young people who were traversing the trail from Europe to the exotic east. Caroline’s strange encounters, touching friendships, and personal transformation were all recorded in a tiny red diary, as were her meals and meetings, her sleeping places and her feelings.   

Now older and wiser, and with the world a very different place, her younger and older selves meet in this book as she welcomes her intrepid teenager self with respect and admiration.  There are many beautiful drawings and graphic mementos throughout this free-spirited memoir.