The Art of Drinking Sober : 50 Decadently Dry Cocktails For All Occasions by Miriam Nice & Richard Davie

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Discover your new favourite tipple with this beautifully illustrated collection of 50 no-alcohol cocktails. Easy to make and delicious to drink, these cocktails are perfect for anyone looking to cut back on alcohol not enjoyment. From sweet and fruity flavours to spiced and smokey, bitter and aromatic to perfectly sour, there's something for everyone.

Experience the excitement of no-alcohol drinks with recipes including: * CITRUS COSMO* NEW NEW YORK SOUR* DARK & STORMY SODA* SHERBET MARGARITA* ESPRESSO FAUX-TINIWhether you're a no-drinker, Dry January dabbler, mum-to-be or simply curious; this book will revolutionise the way you drink.