Sisters Against the Sea: The Remarkable Story of Hallsands - Ruth Milton,William Frank Milton

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 This is a fascinating story based around the lives of four Devon women.  It is also the true account of a man-made environmental disaster that casued the destruction of an entire fishing village on the Devon coast.

Prior to 1897, the fishing village of Hallsands, nestled beneath the cliffs in Start Bay on the Devon coast, was little known to the wider world.  The peaceful and idyllic lives of the fishermen and their families were changed overnight when tons of shingle were removed from the foreshore by huge steam-powered dredgers providing concrete for the extension to the Royal Naval Dockyard at Plymouth.
Immediately, the fishermen protested that this short-sighted interference with nature would result in the encroachment of the sea, loss of their fishing grounds and damage to their homes during storms.  Alas, their protests went unheeded until it was too late, resulting in the destruction of the village during a fierce easterly gale in 1917.
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