Pizazz vs the New Kid: The super awesome new superhero series! - Sophy Henn

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HELLO! My name is PIZAZZ and I'm a superhero...

You probably think that's really AWESOME, and while it can be, it's also REEEEEEEAAALLLLY annoying. I guess it was sort of going OK (I say, "sort of" - I still have to wear a silly cape and save the world all the time) until this NEW KID showed up, and started WOWING everyone with their super powers.

Yep, SUPER POWERS - just what this town needs, another super . . .

Who just happens to have the coolest name ever: Jett. And now, because of Serena and her gang of Populars, I have to compete against Jett in an almighty and ultimate SUPER-OFF. But it's fine.

I mean, even if I lose, there's space for two SUPERS in this school, isn't there?