Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World's Smells - Harold Mcgee

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"Marcel Proust's famous madeleine surprised his narrator with a strong emotion that he traced back to an idyllic, forgotten time in childhood. My first taste of grouse as part of a traditional British lunch seemed full of significance even though there had been no grouse in my past, and it was as if I were touching something essential in myself and in the world. That mystifying surpise set me off on a search for the latest insights of sense and flavour."
Harold McGee

Nose Dive is a wide-ranging survey of taste and smell - two senses that have a powerful but largely overlooked influence on our everyday lives. This book will not only explain how these senses truly work, but also how to enjoy them more actively to transform your relationship with flavour.

Harold McGee's acclaimed On Food & Cooking won the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year and is a masterpiece of gastronomic writing; a rich, addictive blend of chemistry, history and anecdote that no self-respecting foodie or cook can afford to be without. Nose Dive promises to intrigue and amaze foodies just as much.

'McGee is the man who transformed most curious people's understanding about food.'
Guardian Weekend

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