Moorland Forensics - Devil's Realm

On a searing summer's day on an idyllic beach in South Devon, a young boy plunges to his death from the cliffs.  The tragic event is graphically captured on film by the enigmatic Salcombe painter and entrepreneur Lois St John.  Five years later, the boy's father suffers the identical fate at the same location.

Called to the scene, Moorland Forensics Consultants uncover a prophetic link between Liam Mercer's fatal fall and a controversial painting of his son's death titled 'Falling Memories'.

James, Fiona and Katie Sinclair draw upon their professional expertise as a string of mysterious deaths follow.  They uncover a web of corruption and foul play, which leads to the very top of the judicial system and the international art world.

Moorland Forensics work in conjunction with DCI Mick Rose and Forensic Practitioner Nick Shelby to uncover the truth behind the murders, all set within the stunning landscape of the Salcombe coast and the South Hams.