Island Song

Young, naive and recently married Helene, waves goodbye to her husband, who has enlisted in the British army. One year later, Guernsey is first bombed, then occupied, by the Germans. Protected only by her father and Nanna, Helene must carve out a life on the island for the length of the war.

Forty years later, her daughter Roz begins a search for the truth about her father, and stumbles into the secret history of her mother's life. Written with emotional acuity and passionate intensity, Island Song speaks of the moral complexities living with the enemy and the messy reality of human relationships in a tightly knit community.

As Roz discovers, truth is hard to pin down, and so are the rights and wrongs of those struggling to survive in the most difficult of circumstances.

Read an interview here with the author about her inspiration for 'Island Song'.

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