Handweaver's Pattern Book: The essential illustrated guide to over 600 fabric weaves - Anne Dixon

£25.00 GBP

This is a large size 'bible' of 600 different weaves of loom. It is organised by type, from basic 4-shaft structures to block drafts and double weaves, providing a wide range of herringbone, twill, zigzag and diamond designs. Each weave is rated according to degree of expertise required, and features a recipe of materials, a clearly photographed swatch showing the intricacies of each design and an easy-to-follow colour chart indicating the threading sequence and order of work. There are also basic explanations of basic weave structures and information on choosing and using looms and shuttles. There is also advice on working with colour, selecting and dyeing yarn, finishing techniques and suggested applications for the finished yarn.

  • Height/Width/Depth (mm): 235/168/
  • Form: Hardback