Good Hair: The Essential Guide to Afro, Textured and Curly Hair - Charlotte Mensah

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An essential, practical guide to caring for Afro, textured and curly hair.

'Charlotte Mensah is a legendary Black British hairdresser ... You go to Charlotte to get your hair celebrated and cared for, oiled beautifully, braided perfectly, cut sublimely, styled to perfection ... Charlotte makes it all a pleasure' - ZADIE SMITH

Featuring case studies of clients who came to Charlotte's world-renowned salon looking for a 'hair fix', and informed by her own story from apprentice to business-owner, this book will dispel common hair myths and give you the knowledge and tools to attain good hair health.

Packed with expert advice, nourishing recipes and top maintenance tips, Good Hair is a celebration of the unique beauty and history of Black hair. It is the ultimate guide on how to:

* Identify and understand your curl textures
* Promote hair growth and find good products
* Choose the right protective styles
* Overcome hair loss, itchiness and dryness
* Try styles such as cornrows, locs and bantu knots
* Devise your own tailored haircare routine

Charlotte Mensah is an award-winning British-Ghanaian hairstylist and owner of the Hair Lounge salon. She was the first Black woman to be inducted into the British Hairdressing Hall of Fame. Having spent three decades styling the hair of thousands of people, she has now written the first guide to loving and caring for your curls.

'My first visit to Charlotte's salon was a life-changing experience. She is an absolute guru when it comes to Afro hair - how wonderful that now everyone can have a bit of her expertise in the form of this wonderful book' - Otegha Uwagba, author of Little Black Book

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