Freshwater Life (Collins Pocket Guide) - Denys Ovenden,Malcolm Greenhalgh

£20.00 GBP

A beautifully illustrated guide to the wide variety of species found in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in Britain and Europe.

Covering northern Europe, including the mainly freshwater environment of the Baltic Sea, `Pocket Guide Freshwater Life' describes and illustrates over 900 species of plant and animal visible with the naked eye, from damsels and dragonflies to beetles and molluscs.

This is the ideal freshwater companion, the most comprehensive pocket guide to the subject. It also makes a superb companion volume to `Pocket Guide Sea Shore'.

An easy-to-use key guides the user quickly to the correct species without using complex terminology. Each species is illustrated in colour with the relevant text on the facing page for quick and accurate identification.

Artists include:
* Denys Ovenden
* Carol Roberts
* Jonathan Latimer
* Tony Disley
* Felicity Cole

  • Height/Width/Depth (mm): 190/115/18
  • Form: Paperback / softback