Elizabeth and her German Garden by Elizabeth Von Arnim

Part of our ‘Peaceful Reading’ recommendations.  

I was checking on the Harbour Bookshop’s new addition to their literary roses on Sunday and they are coming along beautifully. We were able to nab the last four pots of the roses developed by the brilliant ‘Dickson Roses’ and dedicated to one of our favourite writers Elizabeth Von Arnim.

If you enjoy the garden in any way, shape or form, then ‘Elizabeth and her German Garden’ is for you. Witty, knowledgeable and utterly timeless, it is a joy to read and a balm to anyone who has ended their day with an aching back and earth under their fingernails.

As Elizabeth wrote “There is not a creature in all this part of the world who could in the least understand with what heart-beatings I am looking forward to the flowering of these roses….”