Brothers in Arms by David Beresford & Pierre Carton

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This book is as much a story about France, life, friendship and the human spirit as it is about rugby. It is bursting with wonderful stories, photos and, most importantly, a deep love and respect for France, its people and regions. It will make Francophiles, humanists and rugby fans across the world very happy. If Wales was the rugby team of the ‘70s, France deserved that accolade in the ‘80s. They brought poetry to this sporting battlefield with their mix of flair and brute force. This book is about former rugby players, but it isn’t simply about rugby. It is about life and its kaleidoscope of colours. The course of true love never did run smooth and theirs is also a story ruptured by rivalry, politics, regret, tragedy and death.

David is a businessman, writer, Francophile, epicurean and sports fan. He lived all over France between 1985-1993, teaching English, working for Andersen Consulting (Accenture) and playing rugby for Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Bordeaux Étudiant Club and ACBB in Paris. He was born in Bath in 1967, the youngest of three children, where he attended King Edward’s School, followed by Loughborough University where he gained a 1st in French, Economics and Politics. When not travelling internationally on business, he divides his time between Winchester, London, Bath and anywhere in France. Brothers In Arms is his first book. Any profits that David makes from sales of the book will be divided evenly between four charities: The UK Sepsis Trust; The British Heart Foundation; 40tude: Curing Colon Cancer; The Stroke Association

Foreward by Sean Fitzpatrick.