99 Immigrants Who Made Britain Great by Louis Stewart, Naomi Kenyon & Bonnie Greer

£19.99 GBP

An illustrated book celebrating the achievements of inspirational characters who made a new life in Britain. From Hans Holbein to Raheem Sterling, Freddie Mercury to Judith Kerr, and Harry Selfridge to Kylie Minogue, they have helped to make our country. Many arrived broke, knowing little English.

They achieved success by overcoming obstacles and working hard. And their legacies are still with us. Alec Issigonis designed the Mini car, while Henry Wellcome funded British science.

Without Michael Marks, we wouldn't have Marks & Spencer. Without Ludwig Guttmann, there would be no Paralympics. Each individual occupies a double-page spread, with a biography and a colour illustration.

A reader can add a 100th individual - perhaps a friend, relative, colleague or neighbour.