National Book Tokens

National Book Token stand at Harbour Bookshop


Who remembers the paper National Book Tokens? Well, we still get them occasionally and honour them, of course!

Nowadays they are super-whizzy and can be given or received in a number of ways; by hand, post, email or app. They can also be loaded with as much as you like – in all sorts of different amounts.

They are still one of the best presents a person can receive. Every so often, we have a customer who is concerned that they seem too small to give as a gift. We are always delighted to reassure them that the holders of National Book Tokens come into the bookshop waving their tokens and choosing their books with absolute joy.

You can use them in any good independent bookshop, at the national chains or online. If a bookshop doesn’t have a website then you can always telephone and use the National Book Token to pay for the books over the telephone.