Rewards Cards

a customer being served at the Harbour Bookshop

We like to think that we have one of the best rewards cards in the book world and have been running the scheme for nearly 25 years. Our famous cards are, by now, squirrelled away in just about every home in South Devon and homes across the world. 

We've always done it the old fashioned way: no names required, no personal details needed, passing them on to friends and family. What can we say, we just love bookworms!

It's simple:

  1. Spend £10 and get a stamp. 
  2. Fill your card with 10 stamps and earn a whopping £10 to use in the shop or choose a £10 National Book Token to use in independent bookstores nationwide!

In the end, we are an independent bookshop and have to look our friends in the eyes, so we are generous - there is no penny-pinching! If your bill comes to £9.99 or thereabouts, then we give a stamp. There is no half-stamp silliness here. We still honour cards from long ago and have lost count of the times that customers have turned up with a fistful of scrunched-up cards rescued from the kitchen drawer.  

We will always honour them. Because that's what friends do.